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Rogue Wave Trader Course

Did you know that almost EVERY major momentum breakout is telegraphed days, weeks, even months in advance? These breakouts are driven by colliding zones of cycle-based price support and resistance. Where strong momentum meets strong price support (within defined cycles) is where Massive "Rogue Waves" can form. Our Rogue Wave Trader training (learn more)

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Shockwave Power Options

Shockwave Power Options is option trading on steroids. This course is 100% focused on exploiting High Vector “Rogue Wave” price squeezes on low-price WOTM (Way Out of The Money) options for dramatic gains. Stocks like CVNA which soared 4500% in 2-DAYS!! You’ll never look at option trading the same when you experience the power of low-risk high reward stealth option trading (learn more)

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CAT-3 Trader

Our cycle analysis and trading strategies are now available for trading indexes and futures. A decade in the making, this is one of the most powerful courses you'll find for laser entries using LEADING indicators and cycle analysis!! (learn more) 

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1-On-1 Coaching


Would you like to jumpstart your understanding of TSS Cycles and Lemal Lines (Cycle Adaptive Trendlines)? With a one-on-one coaching session on real-world stocks, we'll help you to get up to speed quickly on applying these tools and get an edge over other traders not familiar with these cycles...(learn more)

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New For 2023:  T-P-O Program


During our Beta launch in late 2023, we will be scouring the global trading community in search of highly motivated traders who want to be part of a team in helping to create systems, strategies and processes that will bring our style of trading to the forefront. During our initial beta launch this will be limited to 50-Traders. If you are serious about taking your trading to a new level and would like to collaborate with other like-minded traders and help contribute to making the Big Kahuna Trading Club a world-class trading club, then come aboard! This level includes free lifetime membership to the club (a $1200 annual value-does not include premium channels)...(learn more)

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The Origins Of Big Kahuna Wavetrading.. 

As a fledgling real estate investor, I found myself caught up in numerous renovations that came with unexpected surprises. One such incident occurred in Decatur, Georgia, where we realized that removing and replacing soffit and siding on old homes was better done with hazmat suits. It turned out that I had unknowingly contracted a dormant hantavirus during that project, which resulted in over a year of extreme fatigue and lethargy. After using alternative medicine to regain my health, I started searching for better ways to achieve my financial goals...And this led to a trip to a bookstore in Atlanta, GA in the early 1990s where...

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Step 1

Take a holistic "Birds-Eye" view of price action.  What does the quality (or lack thereof) suggest about the commitment of traders for a particular stock...

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Step 2

Examine the DNA of a the stock based on its historical price action for "clues" (oftentimes in plain sight) of how best to trade future breakouts...

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Step 3

Research the news driving the stock as well as how much "buzz" the stock is generating by checking its volume, and social media. 

Our News

Read some recent blog posts about our Big Kahuna Trading...
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CAT-3 RETA-She's A Hurricane

As I sit down to write this, there is something “lurking in my craw.” It is that I am looking at the third massive stock setup this weekend that exploded without me having caught the entry...

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The Coming Resolution Of The TY-1 Cycle

Cycle-wise we are looking at the possibly of a CH-3 channel set (this is the north side of a cycle-based channel in a downtrend) potentially near 4300...

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The Magic of Cycle-Based Trendlines 

If you have spent any amount of time studying technical analysis of stocks, futures, forex or commodities, you already know that moving averages are extensively used by most traders and oftentimes for good reason.


“I have 9 years of experience in trading stocks on a full-time basis and I wish I would have had this course when I started. It would have sped up my learning curve dramatically. I would highly recommend this course to not only the beginning trader, but to the more experienced trader as well.”

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S. Rosenberg

St. Paul, Minnesota

“I have been trading for 13+ years and consider myself well versed in trading. Paul’s training has taught me many new techniques that have made me lots of money. His insight on stock behavior through his extensive research on stock patterns is nothing short of amazing. Outstanding stuff!”

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Barton Frets

Rocklin, California

“I just wanted to send a note thanking you for all the great trading ideas that I have benefited from in the last 6 months. I have never had so many explosive, positive stock trades. Your system is a great way for anyone to make money in the market without a buy and hold strategy. With trades like ERS I was able to capture an explosive short-term move and liquidate at the right time. Thanks again.” 

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Sean Patton

Rochester, NY

“Paul Lemal’s trading concepts are more comprehensive than any others I’ve examined. He takes a long-term approach to the analysis of stock charts, often including more than a year of performance data to determine the quality and expected performance of an individual stock. 
And, by doing so, he’s identified repeatedly those rare instances where the gains ultimately exceed 50% or 100% within weeks and, at times, days. Paul’s ability to readily recognize so many complex chart formations truly is incredible.”

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Dave Gotthardt

Unlike most systems, which are trend-following, swing, or breakout, the BEW strategy follows a long term view of stocks with the potential for strong moves. Most momentum systems jump in after a strong move, but BEW measures its entry trying to catch stocks at lower prices, tilting the risk/reward potential in the trader’s favour. The potential seems great, and I look forward to following your work in the coming weeks and months.

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Victor Escobar

Calgary, Alberta-Canada 

I did not learn about this one until just recently … had I known about it 2 years ago, my account size would be many times what it is today! And I could have saved hundreds & hundreds of dollars spent on so-so courses & often worthless seminars. But that's ok, my account is growing faster than ever now :-)  This course is more easily understood by those who have been trading for awhile and are at least familiar with charting. However, since it presents a way of viewing the market not offered by any other course I have found, it is probably best to learn this methodology from the beginning...before bad habits develop. This course will show you how to uncover the mega-movers in stocks that are happening nearly every day .. if you just know how to look for them. Absolutely invaluable. 

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Linda Paolicci

Annapolis, Maryland

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