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At the Big Kahuna Trading Club, we are all about surfing the stock market's biggest waves. Since the club's inception nearly two decades ago, we have served up many of the stock market's biggest winners over and over. Our strategies are based on the pioneering work of Paul Lemal-Author of The Surfer's Guide to Stock Investing and developer of the TSS Cycle Trader System.  Our unique stock selection criteria based on a decades long reverse engineering of the Best Stock Market "Rogue Waves" are second to none for finding and riding big market trends. 

Secrets of the Stock Market's Biggest Winners...

So you're probably wondering:  "What's The Big Deal"?  What makes this trading system any different than anything else out there? Good question and the fact is, Paul has broken down three key criteria that most big winners flashed BEFORE they went on to massive gains. You'll learn about the single most reliable indicator ever developed for shining a light on these beauties-The BMI Indicator.  You can gain access to the report for FREE with no credit card or nothing to buy ever.   

A Breed Apart...

Big Kahuna Trading is all about simplicity. No lofty theories that work only in hindsight… no complicated technical indicators… no high-stress day trading. Just “PROVEN MATH” based on (newly discovered) cycle patterns that have been present in the stock market since its beginning. These patterns appear prior to some of the most explosive breakout stocks in history. Our mission from the beginning has always been to make the stock market game easy to understand and quick to master, with courses to help you start making your money work FOR you more consistently by giving you tools to quickly analyze the potential of any stock… without all the long, tedious hours of conventional analysis

Turning down the noise and “seeing the big picture" (quickly) is critical to success. So, unlike other systems that rely on overused lagging indicators, we give you powerful new strategies for exploiting never before revealed stock market “super-cycles”.  And better stock selection is only the beginning. We’ll also teach you how to execute trades more effectively by arming you with powerful new strategies for conservatively entering trades… calmly managing your trades… and exiting these trades with precision timing for MAXIMUM PROFITS! 

And since you have made the time to learn more about us we’d like to give you a free gift!  

Enter your email address below to receive 'Secrets of the Stock Market’s Biggest Winners.' You’ll learn how we find stocks that literally annihilate the market averages day in and day out.  The tools you'll discover will give you an edge in the market's that the average trader is not even aware exists!  

Not Your Average Trading Club...

We get it...there are tons of clubs online and you're probably wondering why ours is different. Most trading clubs use the same old rehashed indicators, trading strategies and yawwnnnn myopic approach to stock selection and trend analysis.

We’ve been where you are and shared your confusion, wondering who to believe and where to turn for honest answers. We’ve spent tons of money on trading courses by big name 'gurus,' only to be let down by useless information that doesn’t work in the real world or, worse, is so complicated that the information sits on the shelf collecting dust.

That’s really why we created Big Kahuna Trading Club in the first place. We like to talk to, trade alongside, and hang out with 'normal, everyday traders' like ourselves. We are just Average Joes who happen to be fanatical about figuring out what REALLY works for us in the stock market and sharing it with others.

Our goal is to make your trading more enjoyable, from the very first time you visit our website, to when you download our FREE Reports and view our videos, all the way to hopefully becoming our student and club member.

We don’t want to just sell products, we want to make friends and grow a fun, relaxed community of like-minded Big Kahuna Wave Traders. 

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