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3 Steps To Surfing The Stock Market’s 


"Rogue Wave" Stock Picks

Get 5 to 10 stocks with the best potential for explosive price moves in the coming days, weeks or months delivered in an instructional video
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Trader Education

Whether you’re fairly new to trading or have been in the trenches since the Carter administration, our TSS Cycles System can help you be a happier, more profitable trader.

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At the heart of Big Kahuna Wave Trading is the TSS Cycle System.  TSS, which stands for “Trendline Setting Spike” was discovered “hiding in plain sight” after Paul Lemal — frustration and disappointed with other non-performing trading systems and “theories” — took his trading career into his own hands and embarked on a life mission to find what he calls “The Holy Grail of Breakout Stock Indicators.”

Since its discovery, Paul’s TSS System has been tested, refined and proven more reliable than any other method for finding and trading explosive breakout stocks that we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot!).

Our proprietary scans are the result of over two decades reverse engineering the absolute biggest stock market winners of all time, and make spotting potential massive movers with our method simple, quick and intuitive.

Wouldn’t you like to quickly scan the market over your morning coffee and know right away where to find prime trade prospects — explosive breakout stocks that are poised for potential 50% to 200% gains (and MORE) in a few days, weeks or months — WITHOUT the long hours of mind-numbing technical analysis or being chained to your computer all day?

Good, because we ONLY target “Monster Rogue Wave Stocks” and we don’t waste our time (or money) on piddly little 10% or 20% ripples on the pond.  Let the day traders fight over the chum.

Give our picks a try for a month… and let us pull back the curtain and show you ALL of our most deeply held secrets inside our training programs that are designed to get you “Surfing The Stock Market’s BIGGEST WAVES” along with us!

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Wave Reviews…

“This truly is better than anything else I have tried, it is the only (method) that really makes sense and yet keeps it simple.  

I love the simplicity of the Elite Wavetrader charts because I have so much more experience trading complicated methodologies, you can cut the learning time in half… People will not have to learn complicated technical indicators which at best give lagging information.

I think if you take a brand new trader and expose them to ONLY this approach from day one they can learn to trade without much of the trauma…

If you only buy ONE course, This Is the one I recommend… will show you how to uncover the mega-movers in stocks that are happening nearly every day if you just know how to look for them. Absolutely invaluable.”


Linda Paolicci
Annapolis, Marylan
“Paul Lemal’s trading concepts are more comprehensive than any others I’ve examined.  He takes a long-term approach to the analysis of stock charts, often including more than a year of performance data to determine the quality and expected performance of an individual stock.  

And, by doing so, he’s identified repeatedly those rare instances where the gains ultimately exceed 50% or 100% within weeks and, at times, days.  Paul’s ability to readily recognize so many complex chart formations truly is incredible.”

Dave Gotthardt


“I have 9 years of experience in trading stocks on a full-time basis and I wish I would have had this course when I started.  It would have sped up my learning curve dramatically.  I would highly recommend this course to not only the beginning trader, but to the more experienced trader as well.” 

S. Rosenberger
St. Paul, Minnesota
“I have been trading for 13+ years and consider myself well versed in trading. Paul’s training has taught me many new techniques that have made me lots of money. His insight on stock behavior through his extensive research on stock patterns is nothing short of amazing. Outstanding stuff!”

Barton Frets

Rocklin, California


“I just wanted to send a note thanking you for all the great trading ideas that I have benefited from in the last 6 months. I have never had so many explosive, positive stock trades. Your system is a great way for anyone to make money in the market without a buy and hold strategy. With trades like ERS I was able to capture an explosive short-term move and liquidate at the right time. Thanks again.”   

Sean Patton
Rochester, NY