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Welcome To The Big Kahuna Trading Club!

You probably know by now that my name is Paul Lemal and I wanted to take a few minutes to introduce myself and give you a little background on me and how this trading club came about.
I had originally been a real estate investor in the Atlanta Georgia area for much of the 1980s & 1990s. I had started real estate investing with my brother. and after a few years of renovating properties, I began to develop some unexplained health issues that left me with a level of fatigue and other health problems that I hadn’t experienced before...(See More) 

What Is The Big Kahuna Trading Club?

Well, hello! Thanks for dropping in! In the months ahead we are going to be posting a lot of great content that demonstrates the power and uniqueness of the trading system I have spent the past few decades developing.

Some of you may be aware that this club has existed in a few different iterations over the past 15+ years and my trading partner at the time, Daryl Thompson, and I had planned to re-open in 2020... (See More)

The Magic of Cycle-Based Trendlines

If you have spent any amount of time studying technical analysis of stocks, futures, forex or commodities, you already know that moving averages are extensively used by most traders and oftentimes for good reason.

Although moving averages are a lagging indicator and are based on an average of each bar’s closing price over a fixed number of bars, they can be an excellent tool for allowing a price trend room to breathe and not taking a premature trade exit. In a trending market, they can offer the ability to capitalize on a trend and capture a significant portion of the move... (See More)  

Who Or What Inspires YOU To Create A Bigger Life

The main objective of this blog is to help you discover what inspires you to create a 'big life!' If you became interested in trading, perhaps you were inspired by stories of trading phenoms turning small sums of money into great fortunes. It happens more often than you might think, although maintaining that success can be a challenge unless a trader's system adapts to market changes. (See More)

The Coming Resolution Of The Stock Market’s
TY-1 Cycle

The January 2022 market top is finally going to get some resolution in the next few months. This cycle set right after the first of the year in 2022 and led to a nasty downtrend through much of 2022 which it began to come out of somewhat in the fourth quarter of 2022 but has maintained some pretty harsh resistance at /ES 4200.  Cycle-wise we are looking at the possibly of a CH-3 channel set (this is the north side of a cycle-based channel in a downtrend) potentially near 4300 (trendline off of the December and February peaks)...(See More)

Right Brain Trading In A Left Brain World

After developing a passion for reading stock charts that has lasted for decades., I realized early on that I could see charts in a way that the average person could not.

My chart reading skills developed over time, out of necessity. Let me explain how: Throughout my school years I had a pretty bad case of ADD. My focusing “skills” got worse and worse over the years and once I gained some interest in stock trading, it wasn’t via reading reams and reams of financial reports which was a pretty good yawnfest for me (See More...)

CAT-3 RETA She’s A Hurricane!!

As I sit down to write this, there is something “lurking in my craw.” It is that I am looking at the third massive stock setup this weekend that exploded without me having caught the entry. There was no good excuse for it because it was a classic cycle setup…a CAT-3 at that!  The stock is RETA (Reata Pharmaceuticals) and it came out of a TM-3 cycle setup.

So why did I blink? I had seen the setup gestating several weeks earlier...(See More

AAPL Long-Term Cycles Breakdown

One of the most powerful aspects of cycle-based trading is the ability to use specific cycles based on how a stock has historically trended (it’s “DNA”) to not only maximize trends but to sidestep extended consolidation zones as well as minimize drawdown. For instance, technology stocks with high trading volume and tremendous public interest (the usual suspects: NVDA, AMD, NFLX, META, etc.) operate consistently within our...(See More)

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