1,126% in 6 months... 266% in 3 months...
1,529% in 6 months...  
268% in 2 months...
171% in 3 months... 250% in 6 months...
217% in 9 months... 159% in 3 months...
333% in 6 months...

Dear Reader,

You’re about to discover a method for investing and trading in the stock market that has never been revealed before.

That’s because this method is based on a mega-powerful event occurring in nature that… until recently… has baffled scientists for centuries.

This event… as applied to the stock market… has caused some of the biggest monster stock price explosions for decades.

But this powerful phenomenon has gone unrecognized as the catalyst for massive stock moves for all this time.

Until now.

I’ll reveal the name of the expert trader and educator who has “cracked the code” of the stock market’s most massive movers in a few minutes.

But first, allow me to tell you the background story of how a certain type of trade can make you rich beyond the wildest of your dreams…

How This Stock Market “Freak of Nature”
Can Make You Very Wealthy… Very Fast!

For centuries, this natural phenomenon was fodder for maritime folklore.

Oceanographer “experts” scoffed at the mere mention of these so-called “freaks of nature.”

These scientists dismissed this phenomenon as “fanciful sailor’s stories akin to sea monsters and uncharted islands.”

To these professionals, this rare phenomenon of nature simply did not exist. Its existence was simply impossible.

But these ominous monsters have been described by mariners for ages.

Perhaps you’ve even read about them. They have played a big role in many classic literary works, from Homer’s “Odyssey” to “Robinson Crusoe.”

And they are so powerful, they can destroy even large modern ships like ocean liners.

What are these “freaks of nature” I’m talking about?

I’m talking about “Rogue Waves.”

According to Wikipedia, rogue waves (also known as freak waves, monster waves, episodic waves, killer waves, extreme waves, and abnormal waves) are large, unexpected waves suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

And they are extremely dangerous. They are rare, unpredictable, may appear suddenly or without warning, and can impact with tremendous force.

So what do rogue waves have to do with the potential to make massive short-term gains in the stock market?

Well… this is where things get very, very interesting…


A DARPA-Funded Project PROVED That Rogue Waves Are In Fact Real… And Exist Not Only In The Oceans… But Everywhere In Nature!

Once dismissed by misguided scientists as sailor’s delusional fantasies, rogue waves have been proven to be a real phenomenon by recent observations and study.

The problem though… the science on this mysterious phenomenon has been scarce. In fact, until recently, man-made rogue waves have not been reported or analyzed in any scientific studies.
And that’s when DARPA stepped in…

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the central research and development organization for the U. S. Department of Defense.

This secretive organization is… among many other things… responsible for developing powerful new weapon technology for America’s defense systems. DARPA has been behind some of the world's most significant scientific and technological breakthroughs.

The organization has had a hand in major inventions like GPS, the internet, and stealth aircraft.

And it's always developing new technologies — military or intelligence-related systems that could end up having a huge impact outside the battlefield as well.

So DARPA eagerly funded research into rogue waves… specifically to discover if there was a way to create and capture them.

DARPA backed a team of researchers at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science to do a “deep dive” into rogue wave analysis.

And through their extensive experiments…

These Intrepid Scientists Discovered How To Create And Capture Rogue Waves!

They discovered optical rogue waves… which, according to the study, are “freak, brief pulses of intense light analogous to the infamous oceanic monsters… propagating through optical fiber.”

Lead investigator Daniel Solli, a UCLA Engineering researcher, claimed that “Optical rogue waves bear a close connection to their oceanic cousins. Optical experiments may help to resolve the mystery of oceanic rogue waves, which are very difficult to study directly.”

All this is well and good… but how does this research apply to banking massive profits in the stock market?

Here’s how…

“This discovery is the first observation of man-made rogue waves reported in scientific literature, but its implications go beyond just physics,” said Bahram Jalali, UCLA professor of electrical engineering and the research group leader.

“For example, rare but extreme events, popularly known as “black swans”, also occur in financial markets with spectacular consequences. Our observations may help develop mathematical models that can identify the conditions that lead to such events.”

(Here’s the link to the complete story: https://samueli.ucla.edu/ucla-engineering-researchers-capture-optical-rogue-waves/)

One such “black swan” situation is when a stock has been languishing for months, and then skyrockets 41%... 87%... and even 272% and more in just one or two days!

And that leads us to the most exciting part of our story.

You see…

A Certain Stock Market Expert Trader And Researcher Already HAS Discovered And Developed Mathematical Models To
Predict These Monster “Rogue Wave” Stock Market Movers…Before They Skyrocket In Price!

Now… before we go any further, I must issue a warning...

Some of the stock market returns you are about to read about may seem impossible.

After all, you’ve been conditioned to view 10-20% returns per year in the stock market as “normal.”

But… as you’ll soon discover… we’re disappointed if we don’t bank those kind of returns per day. And in lots of cases (especially on short-term weekly options)… per minute!  

(But I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. The system you’re about to discover is NOT a high-stress, hectic day-trading program!)

So all I ask at this point is to keep an open mind. Every word you’re about to read is the gospel truth. And we can prove it.

So with that warning out of the way, I’d like to show you some examples of massive Rogue Wave trades you could have made if you had known the secrets behind the system.

I’ll then introduce you to the expert trader and researcher who has “cracked the code” on finding the market’s largest monster “Rogue Wave” movers.

Not only that, but I’ll reveal to you how you can consistently ride the market’s mega-rogue waves to bank massive profits… over and over again.

Sound good? OK, let’s get started…

How To Tell If A Stock Is About To 
Explode In Value

As I stated above, our trading expert “Stock Scientist” has “cracked the code” in predicting when these “black swan” Rogue Wave monster stock movement events will occur.

In reverse engineering the market’s biggest movers over the past few decades, he discovered just three simple points of analysis that forecast potential gigantic stock market gains.

If all three of these analysis points line up in a particular way, a huge upward stock price movement is all but assured.

Now don’t be concerned at how seemingly complex these calculations sound. They are based on simple sixth-grade math.

And you’ll see these three numbers displayed on the charts that follow below, and how they lined up before massive “Rogue Wave” stock gains.

In a nutshell, the three calculations are:

                BMI: The Breakout Momentum Indicator - a measure of momentum
                VR (Vector): A measure of momentum in time.
                T-M: The specific time period on the monthly time frame (cycle) for a particular trade                            setup.

Again, don’t make this too complicated. These analysis points make up a simple mathematical measurement that tells you the potential performance of a stock’s price once it breaks out.

Taken together, these measurements form a powerful tool to compare one stock’s price potential over another.

With over 8,000 stocks to analyze each day for potential gigantic breakouts and price moves, you definitely need an edge.

These three simple points of analysis will provide you with that edge.

Need proof? Check out the charts that follow…

Which One Of These “Rogue Wave” Trades Would Have Gotten You One Step Closer To Retirement?

Let’s now take a look at some real-life examples to show you what some of these monster Rogue Wave trades look like…

This particular pattern is called the Millionaire Maker Pattern (MM Pattern for short) due to its superior price performance potential.

These are the “best of the best” of momentum setups in offering safety, performance and peace of mind… and in NVDA’s case, a nice 130% gain in six months.

OR… for those who like to hyper-charge their stock market returns using stock options, you could have banked a 1,280% gain trading a slightly out of the money 110 call.

That would have been enough to…

Turn A $5,000 Investment Into
$64,000 In Just Six Months!

Here is another example of a high quality MM Pattern. KEM produced a 233% gain in 11 months out of that superior price pattern.

Buying at the appropriate time based on our three simple points of analysis, you could have easily turned $5,000 into $25,000!

Here is another example of a high quality MM Pattern - AGIO from a few years back. Yes, these patterns repeat in any time period: 5 years, 10 years, even 30 years ago.

That’s because the math hasn’t changed - these “rogue-wave” cycles drive every aspect of our existence.

You could have banked a solid 200% gain in four months on AGIO’s MM Pattern:

Buying at $50 and selling at $125 just a few months later? How many of those trades do you need each year to get closer and closer to retirement?

So what causes these rogue waves in the stock market?

The answer is simple. These massive stock price moves are due to…

Hidden Cycles!

When specific types of price action meet unseen (to the naked eye) cycles, these massive “black swan” Rogue Wave price moves are apt to occur.

And here’s the “Really Big Secret”…

These cycles can now be seen by the trained eye by observing the price action at specific junctures based on time after an initial attention getting price spike.

These cycles are not random occurrences if you know what to look for.

A lot of traders think these massive price moves come out of nowhere. But the truth is that most “Big Kahuna Rogue Waves” you see in the market are driven by these hidden cycles.

It may sound complicated but it really is not…

The basics of the system can be learned by a novice trader in a half hour.

Now let’s take a look at another ultra-powerful “Rogue Wave” situation…

The TM-1 Cycle provides a perfect visual example of the power of these hidden cycles.

SODA’s TM-1 cycle demonstrated a perfect Cycle entry in November of 2016:

Once the correct “math” sets up based on momentum and stock cycles and they are applied to the price trend, all you have to do then is to look for evidence of “accumulation.”

Accumulation in SODA showed up in spades over two weeks in November of 2016, demonstrated by higher lows printing after the TM-1 Cycle set.

This was the signal to buy.

Meanwhile, fourteen months later SODA’s price was up over 200%, demonstrating again the power of a momentum and stock cycle approach to trading “Big Kahuna” stock market rogue waves.

This means you will never need to pore through reams of financial data, etc. ever again.

You just need a simple visual analysis of the stock’s recent and historical price trend coupled with an understanding of stock cycles.

Let’s look at another “Rogue Wave” trade setup – the TM-2 Cycle.

ANAB’s TM-2 Cycle setup occurred in August. And once the accumulation was confirmed by printing a higher low after the TM-2 set, this was the signal to enter the trade near the $23 mark.

Four months later the price was up over 400%. So you could have turned $2,000 into around $11,000 in just four months.

And yet again… this monster trade did not require “rocket science” to find. Just a basic understanding of momentum analysis combined with stock cycle math.

Next up, another cycle-driven trade, the PBC Zone. This one is a stage 3 super-cycle trade. (This means a potentially BIG move is ahead!)

Nothing about this particular trade is subtle. The first order of business is ALWAYS to filter the list of hundreds of stocks that have “decent” PBC Zones using momentum and stock cycle analysis.

SAGE stood out with strong momentum on its initial breakout and strong accumulation coming in within its short-term cycles demonstrated by the higher lows in December just prior to the breakout.

The SAGE trade was huge! You could have doubled your money in just three days.

Here is another nice PBC Zone trade…

A 350% gain in 17 months? Not too shabby. Every $5,000 would now be worth at least $22,500.

Let’s do a little experiment here to demonstrate what I am talking about.

Take your favorite big winning stock of the past year. Look at its chart.

Is there a point on that chart where you could say “Darn it! If I had only bought there!”

Well, odds are you could have, if you were familiar with these hidden stock cycles.

Most big winning stocks begin new “super-cycles” at the breakout of these key trend lines.

Let’s look at another cycle-driven stock play.

This one is a more extended cycle - one that will usually lull your average momentum trader into complacency due to the “subtle” nature of this setup to the untrained eye.

STRP set its TM-5 Cycle in January, and by March there were signs of accumulation coming into the stock.

Taking a position as higher lows came into the prices after the TM-5 set (which suggested accumulation coming in) led to a 600% gain in just two months as the strong momentum on the left side of the chart projected the potential for strong gains on the right side of the cup.

This huge breakout occurred on news of a buyout by Verizon.

To put into context the power of paying attention to the huge price squeezes initiated by “specific” price momentum - the options on this particular setup were trading at 25 cents on the initial breakout.

At the monthly option expiration, and even before the “short squeeze” really kicked in on a bidding war between AT & T and Verizon, the stock was trading at $110, or $60 in the money on the $50 call option.

Who Else Wants To Make 167 Times Their Money…In Just Two Months?

Buying four $50 call option contracts pre-breakout inside of the TM-5 squeeze for just $100 would have resulted in a $24,000 gain or 24,000% on your $100 investment (this was before the stock doubled again as the bidding war heated up).

Are you starting to see the power in becoming a “silent partner” on buyouts, mergers and general good news percolating using momentum combined with cycle analysis?

I thought so.


Has IPO Hype Ever Tagged You For A Big Loss?

Stocks that have had IPO’s have initiated a “cause and effect” event (new IPO) that play VERY well off of these hidden cycles.

There are two key cycles to pay attention to on these particular setups.

One is the TM-5 and the other is the TY-1 cycle.

Let me show you what I mean…

Because there is a lot of marketing hype from the stock promoters during the initial stages of an IPO, the ones that are more closely followed by the public are especially suited for using these cycles.

On BABA, the Chinese equivalent of Amazon, these cycles timed the post IPO entry almost perfectly.

Either the TM-5 or the TY-1 cycle could have gotten you into the trade nearly anywhere in the first quarter of 2016. The TM-5 set up in the $70-$75 range as accumulation began to show, demonstrated by higher lows.

The result? A 160% gain over the next 17 months.

There were plenty of opportunities to get into the trade before these cycles played out. Your money would have languished unnecessarily (as much as 18 months) if you bought near the IPO, with a fifty percent account drawdown to boot.

The next time someone gives you advice about buying an over-hyped IPO right after the IPO takes place, you might want to consider stepping back and letting these cycles play out and avoiding the “long dark night of soul” that inevitably occurs over the next 1-2 years after an IPO.

Can you see how many opportunities there were to get into the trade prematurely and have your money sitting idle for months at a time - or worse?

The Rogue Wave Trader style of stock surfing will have you side-stepping overhyped IPO’s and waiting for opportune entries by using the correct IPO “CAT” Cycles.

It was a similar story with ANET-Arista Networks.

ANET’s IPO occurred in 2014, and its price languished for two years afterwards. Once the TM-5 set and accumulation began to show with higher lows coming into its consolidation, it was time to start buying.

The TY-1 set shortly thereafter, with a soft-landing pullback and continued elevated lows. And yes, you can ignore the mid-2015 price spike for trend line placement since it was well before our key “IPO-Cycles.”

Using the correct cycle here gets you in at a 30-40% lower price than waiting for the breakout of the original IPO high price.

SHOP’s IPO had a similar story (see below). The TM-5 cycle got you in near $30 for a 300% gain in 17 months, whereas the TY-1 cycle got you in quite a bit higher (near $45) for a 175% gain in 14 months.

Entering on either one of these cycles helped you to avoid a year-and-a-half of unproductive equity growth had you bought blindly near the original IPO instead.

Are you starting to see the power of a cycle-based approach to stock selection? While these long-term cycles are powerful, when they are combined with the short term stock cycles, you’ll have laser-like precision on your trade entries and exits.

Here’s a fun “Rogue Wave” setup I call the Frilled Dragon.

These are usually violent one day price events which telegraph a turning point in a stock’s price trend and which initiate the beginning of a new super-cycle.

BLUE did just that with a 430% gain in 13 months.

NETE, another Frilled Dragon trade, offered a much quicker resolution with a 540% gain in just four days.

Imagine turning $5,000 or so into almost $20,000 in just four days. That could have happened for you with the NETE trade.

Next, here is one of the trade setups I discovered after researching the cycles that occur on the south side of a price trend.

This one I call the “Bombora” trade, and like all momentum based setups, when combined with the right cycles (a lot of trial and error went into discovering this setup) that situation can deliver huge gains on the stock and stratospheric gains on the stock options.

SHOP’s cycle set up in early 2016 and – with accumulation quickly being confirmed coming into the stock - flashed an entry in the $30 range.

That was an ideal entry, as over the next nine months SHOP skyrocketed 200% up in price.

Every $3,500 invested in SHOP at the ideal Bombora trade entry point was worth over $11,000 nine months later.

Another picture-perfect Bombora trade setup was recently with YY…

Not a bad return on investment as the stock ran from the $60 area to the $135 area in just nine months.

There are many other chart examples we could show you, but I think you now get the point.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of other massive “Rogue Wave” monster stocks we’ve discovered over the past few years…

REN – Up 1,126% in six months.

GRVY – Up 266% in three months.

TELL – Up 1,529% in six months.

HIIQ – Up 268% in two months.

BZUN – Up 171% in three months.

BIDU – Up 250% in six months.

ISRG – Up 217% in nine months.

FSLR – Up 159% in three months.

DRYS – Up 333% in six months.

KUN – Up 265% in four days!

ZNH – Up 300% in five months.

CEA – Up 400% in five months.

RIMM – Up 333% in 14 months.

BCSI – Up 400% in one year.

OK, now that I’ve given you a taste of how big money can be made with “Rogue Wave” trades, let me tell you how you can get in on this massive Profit Party…

“Imagine Knowing A Stock Is About To Make A MASSIVE Move… RIGHT BEFORE It Takes Off!”

Hi, my name is Daryl Thompson.

I’ve spent decades figuring out what makes certain stocks skyrocket in price… virtually overnight in some cases.

It all began in April 1988, when I began working for a reclusive billionaire investment counselor.

When I discovered the billionaire made his billions simply by creating a consistent annual return of 14% – 16% for his investors, I was hooked.

I knew I could do that, and much more.

In short, I immediately knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

Through intense self-study (poring through mountains of investing and trading books), I stumbled on a system using a formula that finally “made sense” to me.

The system was developed by the great William J. O’Neil, founder of Investor’s Business Daily, and David Ryan, three-time winner of the U.S. Investing Championship between 1985 and 1990.

I attended two seminars with these two gentlemen, and thoroughly learned their market-beating system. Using the system, I immediately created an average 80% annual return during most of the 1990’s.

A handful of huge trades helped greatly in achieving those results. For example, I found Cisco Systems at the “pivot point of the decade” – October of 1990.

Although I didn’t ride CSCO all the way to its eventual 75,000% 10-year run, I was quite happy with the returns.

I was also extremely fond of two 10-baggers (over 1,000% return in one year) I found via my analysis – NBTY – Nature’s Bounty and TASR – Taser. That single TASR trade paid for my villa on the beautiful island of Contadora in Panama.

Are you beginning to see why I love this game so much?

Anyway, after almost 15 years with the billionaire, I decided it was time to strike out on my own.
My first venture was a partnership with one of the world’s leading experts in the esoteric art of reading, interpreting and trading with Japanese Candlesticks.

Using the knowledge obtained through an intense mentorship with that expert, combined with my previous system for extracting unusually large profits from the market, I created and refined a hybrid system that uses the “best of the best” features of each individual system.

The results have been truly astounding.

Now triple digit returns are not unusual, and I recently discovered a 5-bagger in just five days.
I seem to be adept at finding DDPGs – Double Digit Percentage Gainers in one day. In just one year, I found over 221 of them – about one a day on average.

Just recently I found a promising stock trading at five bucks and change.

One week later, it hit $102.

So again, are you beginning to see why I love this game so much?

Well, in the past few years, things have gotten much more interesting.

That’s because I’ve teamed up with the expert trader and researcher I’ve teased you about above.

We now act as a stock trading “Tag Team” as we both research the market each and every day in the search of the next “Rogue Wave” trade.

And we’re finding a bunch of them.

So… I’d now like to “pull back the curtain” and tell you how we find those massive monster stock market movers… right before they explode in price…

It involves a system developed over 25 years by my good friend, “Trading Buddy” and expert trader and market researcher, who I’d like to introduce to you now.

His name is Paul Lemal.

The trading system that I’m about to reveal to you is the culmination of thousands of hours of Paul’s stock market and individual stock analysis from every conceivable angle.

In short, Paul “reverse engineered” the biggest stock market movers of the past 25 years or so.

And in his analysis, he discovered certain characteristics that each and every one of the monster stocks flashed… right before their massive upward price action.

Paul calls these situations “Momentum Signatures” – and they act like “tells” in a poker game picked up by a professional against amateur players.

Each one of these “tells” precede the massive “Rogue Wave” stock movement as it skyrockets in price.

And if you’ll give me the opportunity, I’ll show you how you can personally scan the entire stock market each day to find these powerful “tells”… and turn the stock market into your own cash machine.

Keep an “open-minded” perspective, since some of the information you’re about to be exposed to is unlike anything you have ever experienced with stock trading.

Now get ready to be amazed – this stuff is extremely powerful, and it will work for you, just as it does for us and our small group of students that have gone on to become “pros” in their own right.

"I Have Never Had So Many Explosive, Positive Stock Trades"

“I just wanted to send a note thanking you for all the great trading ideas that I have benefited from in the last 6 months. I have never had so many explosive, positive stock trades. Your system is a great way for anyone to make money in the market without a buy and hold strategy. With trades like ERS I was able to capture an explosive short-term move and liquidate at the right time. Thanks again.”

Sean Patton-Rochester, NY

Stock Trading Has Never Been Simpler…
And More Powerful!

What if I told you that within just three minutes, using just three points of analysis, that Paul is consistently able to identify “Rogue Wave Power Stocks” that have the potential to produce multi-hundred percent gains in the following few months… and…in lots of cases… within the next few days?

Would I have your attention?

I bet I would.

You see, Paul’s long-term study of the stock market’s biggest winners showed him the consistent patterns that occur as a stock transitions through what he calls a “super-cycle.”

Knowing where a stock is in its super-cycle may at first glance appear challenging. But within just a few hours of study, you’ll quickly understand how to read these important clues… and trade stocks accordingly.

In fact, many of the stock market’s biggest movers of the past few decades have flashed these powerful clues before breaking into mega-cycles. All were trades generated by Paul’s “Rogue Wave” trading system.

Some of these include:

And the best part? Many of these stocks were optionable – and produced stratospheric gains on the option.

In fact, here’s a recent example of how you could have banked an incredible…

81,500% Overnight!

BWLD-NASDAQ: Buffalo Wild Wings had an explosive breakout on news of a pending buyout. This particular high momentum price squeeze, set up on the TD-4 Cycle (a short-swing cycle).

Although the actual breakout was only 26%, the WOTM-Way-Out-Of-The Money-$130 Call options were priced pre-breakout at .02 meaning you could buy 1 contract (100 shares) with a $130 strike price for just $2 (due to the close expiration date and distant strike price).

For $100 you could have controlled 50 contracts or 5,000 shares.

On news of the buyout a few days later (news that “something was percolating” - telegraphed by the extreme price squeeze), the price rocketed $29 overnight to $146 - or $16 in the money on the 130-strike price.

The next morning the $130 strike contract opened at $16.30 which was up 16.28 from the prior day’s close (red circle above). How would you like to wake up to those numbers!

Had you bought 50 contracts for just $100, your return on investment for just a few days in the trade would have been over 81,500%.

Your 5,000 shares were now worth $16 per share or $80,000.

Can you see how having this information might be beneficial?

Remember, the core components of Paul’s massive “Rogue Wave” trading system were designed to make the stock market game easy to play… and… easy to win.

Let’s Take A Little Peek Inside Paul’s Unique “Rogue Wave Stock Trading On Steroids”
Trading System:

Here’s what you need to know to make massive gains in the stock market…

Here’s A Fact You Should Get Straight In
Your Head Right Now-You Have No Business Throwing Your Money Away On 90% Of The Stocks In The Market!

This is a fact that many traders fail to consider when trading. At least 90% of the stocks in the market are no place for your precious investing or trading funds.

They just are not performing. Either they’re just sitting there, or meandering back and forth randomly, or even going down in value.

Why on God’s Green Earth would you have investment or trading capital tied up in stocks going nowhere – or losing value?

Does that make sense to you? It didn’t to us either. And that’s why we’ve been studying the stock market’s biggest movers over the past fifteen years.

To me (and hopefully, to you by now), it makes sense to place your stock market bets only on the true “thoroughbreds” of the market – like Microsoft, Cisco Systems and Dell Computer of the 1990’s, or like Taser, First Solar, Apple Computer, Research in Motion and Hansen in the 2000’s, and stocks like NVDA, AMZN and PCLN (now BKNG) more recently…

These are the kind of stocks that can quickly super-charge your stock market returns… and ones that our stock scoring system is uniquely able to target.

Hot stocks, ETF’s and hot sectors can occur in about any market condition. Momentum trading systems like our proprietary Rogue Wave system are uniquely able to identify these oftentimes very subtle turning points based on the key criteria gleaned from our study of this breed of mega-movers.

Being highly selective and targeting only “the top potential Rogue Wave stocks in the market” is exactly the core philosophy behind Paul’s trading system.

In short, this is how to super-charge your stock market returns.

Let’s take a look at another good “Rogue Wave” stock move…

Anatomy Of A Price Squeeze

What happens when you combine momentum trading with stock cycle analysis?

Explosive moves is what happens… over and over again.

In fact, there is no more powerful system for nailing turning points in a stock’s consolidation to the day. For example, take a look at AIG in early August.

This one gave us a clear buy signal at the open based on a 2-day price event called a “Base Cobra.”

The price shot up over 330% in the next month... and the call options were up over 3,000% in the same time period.

These are the kind of movers that show up on our stock screens day after day. With 8,000 stocks in the market, there’s always something happening somewhere if you know where to look.

Can you see the clean charts here? No complicated “ethereal” technical indicators - just simple (yet powerful) price and stock cycle analysis.

With many charts by the “techno-geeks” resembling the wiring schematics for the NY City subway system, it is easy to get bogged down in information overload.

Not necessary here - just three quick points of analysis nailed this monster mover.

OK, enough teasing. It’s time I introduced you to…

Banzai Elite Wavetrader

21st Century Stock Trading
The Evolution of Momentum Trading

Exploit The Market’s Hidden Cycles And Ride The Absolute Biggest Movers... With Rogue Wave After Rogue Wave...Pulling In Massive Profits!

Paul named his revolutionary, ultra-powerful, remarkably-consistent, mega-profitable Rogue Wave trading system “Banzai Elite Wavetrader.”

Why this name? It fits perfectly with the exciting “Rogue Wave” concept.

Consider this…

According to Wikipedia, the Banzai Pipeline is a surf reef break located in Oahu, Hawaii. A reef break is an area in the ocean where waves start to break once they reach the shallows of a reef.

The Banzai Pipeline is world famous for producing some of the most powerful rogue waves on earth! So we thought our Banzai Elite Wavetrader name was appropriate for our stock market “Rogue Wave” finding system.

As you’ll soon see, we carry the surfing motif in everything we do. But we try to make things much more lighthearted and fun.

And speaking of fun, let me show you just a very few actual trades you could have taken as a Banzai Elite Wavetrader owner.

Here’s just a little taste of some recent Rogue Wave Power Stocks the system generated…

"This Material Will Be The Foundation For My Future Stock Trading And Is A Must Have"

There is little new in technical analysis and many courses and e-books just repackage each other. The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system is new and unique. There is no doubt that after reviewing the material and understanding the BMI indicator that any individual can easily look for and identify high momentum stocks for large gains. The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system was extremely clear in presenting material with numerous videos and chart examples re-enforcing all the concepts. This material will be the foundation for my future stock trading and is a must have.

T. Sparlin, Fremont, California

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader Formula For
Stock Market Success

Here is the recipe for keeping your money working hard with our momentum trading approach to the markets:

STEP 1: Use your newfound stock selection skills to target the right stocks for current market conditions (and annual calendar) that are poised to breakout into new cycles based on our momentum and stock timing selection criteria that we’ll teach you.

STEP 2: Enter the trade based on the stock timing criteria we’ll teach you.

STEP 3: Exit the trade based on what we’ll teach you about price trend analysis and stock cycles and take profits.

STEP 4: Reload and do again.

When you understand how to properly evaluate stocks based on momentum and stock cycles, you’ll quickly see how the compounding effect of trading with this extremely nimble approach to the markets can supercharge your stock market returns.

This explains how some of the top momentum traders have been able to produce gains of 1,000’s of percent each year.

Look, there are significant limitations with using technical analysis alone.

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system instead excels at a “big-picture” approach to stock analysis, insuring that if there is a potential big mover in the market it will be on your radar.

Need more reasons to invest in our Banzai Elite Wavetrader program today? How about this…

Here’s Why The Banzai Elite Wavetrader System
Is Better Than Any Other Trading Program
You’ve Ever Seen

You’ve probably come across many stock trading systems in your trading life. But let me tell you why this one is unlike any you’ve ever seen.

First of all, there is no other trading system that has so clearly defined how to play in the playground of the top momentum stocks around.

Some systems have bits and pieces, but none of them have ALL the knowledge you’ll ever need to successfully trade the top stocks in the market.

How often have you snagged a stock at an optimal buy point, then sold way too early, not even letting common stock cycles play out?

I know several traders -- who were not armed with the insights you'll gain in our program -- who've fallen prey to these mistakes and left literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table... on a single trade.

But having just a basic understanding of market and stock cycles could have made a big difference in their trading results.

It is not uncommon to identify exact turning points down to the hour of stock cycle bottoms and tops. Try to do this with lagging technical analysis!

“I Think The Training Should Be Re-Named
The Definitive Guide To Momentum Trading”

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system is very thorough and comprehensive. You obviously did a huge amount of research in putting this course together—the video training definitely enhances the total package. I think the training should be re-named "The Definitive Guide To Momentum Trading".

Alan Craig - Maple Shade, New Jersey

And our track record speaks for itself, with many of the stock market’s biggest movers over the past several years well-represented in the trades our system has generated.

Finally There's A Faster, Simpler, Damn-Near
Effortless Approach to Surfing The Stock Market's
Biggest Waves... WITHOUT The Brain-Draining,
Time-Sucking Fundamentals Research or 
Rolling The Dice On High-Risk Speculative and
Razor Thin Pump & Dump Stocks!

We Focus Purely On Stocks With Proven Track Records and Strong Market Participation That Are Poised For Massive Breakout Cycles!

The past few years have had some of the best conditions for momentum traders since the 1990's.

So if you are ready to charge forward and think outside the box, I'm about to expose some of my deepest secrets about how to unearth these market gems – these "autopilot" Rogue Wave stocks that can allow you to accumulate "lifetime wealth" in minimum time.

Opportunities abound during strong bull markets, and the next few years in the market are primed to provide some of the best trading opportunities that we have seen in many years.

In fact... some of the best performing stocks I have seen in years (with many producing 300-1,000% moves or more) have come during this market “melt-up” and I see plenty of opportunity on the horizon for many more mega-movers.

“If You Only Buy ONE Course, Then The Banzai Elite Wavetrader Course
Is The One I Recommend"

I did not learn about this one until just recently, had I known about it 2 years ago, my account size would be many times what it is today! And I could have saved hundreds & hundreds of dollars spent on so-so courses & often worthless seminars, but that's ok, my account is growing faster than ever now :-). This course will show you how to uncover the mega-movers in stocks that are happening nearly every day if you just know how to look for them. The course is absolutely invaluable.

-- Linda Paolicci - Annapolis, Maryland

Two Trades To Retirement?

I know what you’re thinking. That sounds ludicrous, but let’s do the math. Remember, the whole basis of Banzai Elite Wavetrader is to target only the top potential stocks.

These gems quite often produce multi-hundred percent gains in a few months.

And unlike currency trading or futures trading that require a short leash on the trade due to the volatility (not to mention small trade allocation due to the risk), Paul’s system is designed to target stocks entering new long-term super-cycles, with trades that can last for months without the need for continuous monitoring.

Targeting the right stocks can allow you to concentrate capital in the trade – which, depending on the trade you are in, could mean as much as a third or half of your capital in one trade.

This is how massive wealth is built in the beginning stages of your investing career to concentrate capital in the right trades and once your account is built up, to preserve wealth by spreading your trading capital across more trades.

One of the grandfathers of momentum trading did just that – and produced 6,000% gains in a year on trades that lasted months. I know this sounds hard to believe, but let’s look at how a highly selective approach to stock selection would have done in a recent market cycle.

In early 2016, one of my favorite setups - I call it the “Gap-N-Green” trade - showed up on our stock screens: AMD (NASDAQ: Advanced Micro Devices Inc.) a computer chip manufacturer.

This setup triggered a buy signal at around the $3.50 mark. Ten months later the stock (a put it on an “autopilot” trade) was up 335%.

Now let’s assume that this was your first trade, and you bought in at the right point based on the trading rules you’ve learned. You invested $5,000 and after 10 months your capital is now at $22,750 with your original $5,000 investment included.

On your next trade (and let’s use a typical example), you target a marginable stock that has a quality “high-scoring” trading pattern.

Since the price is in a higher price range - let’s say its $20 and produces a common 100% gain out of the setup - in four months your trading capital is now at $67,750. ($22,750 margined to $45,000 = $45,000 profit plus the original $22,750).

I don’t need to tell you what is possible on the next few trades when you are targeting the right momentum stocks... do the math.

With a 1,250% gain on the original invested capital in less than a year, I think you’ll quickly see how just two trades can get you on the path to retirement.

Combining the right stock with options trading can super-charge your trades. It is not uncommon for a stock producing a 100% gain on the stock itself to produce ten times that on the option.

This is how fortunes are made in the stock market. Targeting the right “Power Setups”, concentrating capital in the right trades and letting the magic power of compounding do its thing. 

Can You Handle The “Rush” Of One Huge “Banzai Elite Wavetrader” Power Setup After Another…
Over And Over Again?

To summarize, here’s why I believe your decision to invest in the Banzai Elite Wavetrader System (and join us in our exclusive Big Kahuna Trading Club, but more on that in a minute...) will be the best decision you ever make to assure your future financial success.

Here’s what you get:

So let’s cut to the chase.

If you can handle the “rush” – the experience of the Banzai Elite Wavetrader style of momentum stock cycle surfing – bagging winner after winner when the surf is up… (while awaiting patiently… using your newfound skills, scans and research tools to build powerful watch lists when the surf is “not so gnarly”)… then I’m about to let you in on a special offer that’s about as “no-brainer” as you can get…

But before I do, I want to let you know that…

Not Every Trade Is A Winner…

But that’s the nature of the markets. No system is capable of producing 100% winners ALL THE TIME on high-performing stocks. There are losing trades. But when your stock analysis skills grow, your big winners will far exceed your occasional losses.

In fact, the more skilled you get with this system, the better you will get at being highly selective with your trades.What you’ll learn about superior stock selection will put you head and shoulders above the crowd and no longer at the mercy of “market forces.”

“Caught Almost The Entire Move For A Gain Of 47% --
Over 900% Annualized”

Shortly after receiving my copies of the Banzai Elite Wavetrader Course materials, I was able to identify the start of an ARM in CMGI and purchased shares on 3/8. I sold on 3/26 catching almost the entire move for a gain of 47% - over 900% annualized. I have found the material easy to follow and filled with excellent visual examples played out in historical charts.

Joe Bunting - Washington, D.C

Experience Not Required

In fact, you might be at an advantage if you have had limited trading experience in the past. You won’t have all the bad habits to break or preconceived notions to combat.

I actually prefer working with newer traders, since many of them are a blank slate. If you learn the right way to trade from the beginning instead of getting caught up in a lot of useless B.S. that has little to do with generating real profits in the markets, then your trade results will soar.

Many of the trades that the Banzai Elite Wavetrader system generates are trades where the company is soon to release pending news. And it is a sometimes difficult concept to teach the old seasoned investor type trader that information in the public domain does not tell the entire story.

Subtle and not so subtle accumulation in a stock does not always show up in the news. That is, until a stock has already launched. So traders who are able to approach trading with an open mind to what is possible are the ones who will excel.

I didn’t get to the point of being able to consistently peg the top stocks in the market before they broke out by being a know-it-all.

Bottom line… if you have an inquisitive mind and can tame your impulses to the point of being able to take a methodical approach to learning a new way to trade the markets… then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you too will be able to consistently identify these gems.

If none of your trading peers have access to this information, they simply will not be able to compare with your trading success, once you learn the system.

And as you can soon find out, when you enter the training you will see my strong commitment to helping you to learn all that I’ve learned… but without the years of study I had to undertake.

And here’s another key secret to highly successful trading…

It’s All About Turning Down The Noise…

Experienced traders who have a history of worshipping at the altar of information overload have a hard time turning down all the noise.

A lot of traders these days actually approach trading as “the war-room.” They have CNBC blaring on the TV, three sources of news feeds, six trading monitors examining every zig and zag of a stock’s trend - not to mention spending untold hours analyzing earnings reports.

And believe me, in the equities markets there is no worse place for getting mired down in way too much worthless B.S. about trading. Too much information is often what holds traders back from pulling the trigger.

One of the best traders of all time - a “price-action” based trader who traded back in the 1960’s - received his daily stock quotes via telegram and paid little or no attention to news, rumors, speculation, stock fundamentals and broker feedback.

He turned a $36,000 trading account into $2 million in 2 years.

How’s that for an admonition of “information overload”?

Stealth Is Our Weapon… And The Stock Trading
“Mega Rogue Waves” Are Our Playground…

Imagine being able to tell… to the day… when a stock is going to take off. Imagine again being able to pinpoint the exact day a stock will run out of steam based on its cycles.

While the techno-geeks who swear technical analysis is the be-all and end-all are fretting over the 15% they missed on a trade (due to their lagging criteria), you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank as the “stock-ship” you latched onto makes a perfect launch on the exact day your cycle analysis suggested it would.

This is what you’ll be capable of when you’re armed not only with the knowledge of what to expect from a trade, but also the stock filtering scans and the prowess necessary to target only the top performing stocks.

Gifts From The Stock Market "Surf Gods"? Not Really. Just Simple Software Scans That Feed You The Strongest Stocks In The Market,
Day After Day…

And here are the major keys you'll soon have in your possession. These are truly your "keys to the kingdom"… containing the Secrets of the Stock Market's Biggest Movers… and easily worth 100 times your entire investment in this course…

Twenty-five years of intense, painstaking analysis of the stock market's biggest winners has now been condensed down to powerful stock scans you can run on your own computer.

These scans contain the formulas for the Momentum Signatures I mentioned earlier, combined with the Big Kahuna Wave action signals the mega-stocks make in their millionaire-making super-cycles.

The Keys to the Kingdom software scans are identified as follows:

These are the types of stocks that show up on our scans every day. Of course, the scans alone don’t give you the magic wand, but they filter the list down to just a handful that make your job much easier.

As a Fellow Kahuna Wavetrader you'll have a front row seat, looking over our shoulders as we filter the “lists” using simple price action analysis to get to the best possible trading prospects, day in and day out.

"You Are A Wealth Of Knowledge And Advice. Thanks For A Great Course And Keep Up The Good Work"

I have 9 years of experience in trading stocks on a full-time basis and I wish I would have had this course when I started. It would have sped up my learning curve dramatically. I would highly recommend this course to not only the beginning trader, but to the more experienced trader as well.

S. Rosenberger - St. Paul, Minnesota

With Banzai Elite Wavetrader You Can Make The
Stock Market Become Your Piggy Bank…

With the strategies I’ll teach you, you’ll have an unfair advantage over other traders not armed with this information. Forget the market makers (whom many traders consider the scourge of the earth). You’ll be the one stepping in front of these unaware traders, quietly accumulating stock at the right point just before the price explodes.

Inside this new and exciting world of stock-cycle Rogue Wave surfing, you’ll discover:

With the training, you’ll discover crucial stock timing strategies to quickly ramp up your trading results. With precision trade entries and exit strategies designed to maximize returns and minimize risk. This has to be the best part of the system; you’ll have what appears to be a “magical” touch when it comes to getting in and out of trades.

Techno Geeks Rule... (NOT!)

This system is designed to focus your trading capital on the highest-quality momentum stocks in the market. You’ll have the “eye” of the professional for targeting the top trading prospects soon after entering the training without a lot of gnashing of the teeth.

Our program is very user-friendly, no exotic mumbo-jumbo “geek-speak”... just simple fresh and insightful strategies for consistently surfing the stock market’s biggest waves with grace.

You’ll be able to quickly identify the market’s top trading prospects using simple sixth-grade math. The course and video training material is chock full of dynamic strategies for stock analysis that even most professional traders are unaware of.

The material is so valuable you’ll want to access it daily as you review the market’s latest string of high-performing stocks.

Even if you have never placed a trade before, once you harness the power of the easy-to-use strategies, you’ll be on track to compete with the most highly sophisticated traders in the market.

I’ll teach you how to place the right trades at the right time using simple visual analysis of a stock’s price trend, as well as when to pass on a stock if it is telegraphing weakness.

“I Told My Husband I Haven't Been This Enthusiastic In My 20 Years Of Trading And Investing!"

I'm really excited about the system and this group. I told my husband I haven't been this enthusiastic in my 20 years of trading/investing. I have found the Banzai Elite Wavetrader course to be an extremely innovative and straightforward approach to trading. Given the challenging market environment, I find being better equipped to identify stock formations just prior to explosive moves to be invaluable. I'm very excited about the entire package!

Elaine Snyder - Oceanside, California

If There Is Anything The Markets Have Taught Us Over The Past Decades, It Is Being A Proactive Trader Is No Longer Just An Option…

When unlocked, the hidden code in the markets (that most people are not aware even exists) is capable of creating great opportunities for traders.

But the markets will occasionally throw a curve ball inside that code. What has happened a few times in the past few decades and most certainly will again, are shakeouts in the indexes of historical proportions - much of that a byproduct of a “bubble” economy.

When artificial government stimulation (i.e., Federal prime lending rate cuts, or government interference in the mortgage lending industry during the last market downfall which was designed to insure that everyone owned a house regardless of whether or not they were able to afford it, etc.) is met with lax regulatory standards and abuses in the mortgage and lending markets it is no wonder the markets had a “hissy-fit.”

But even during this shakeout, fortunes were being made by those who “went with the trend.”

Although many traders took huge hits in their portfolios, those who didn’t fight the tide and instead invested in bearish directional ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) were the ones that came out ahead, with many of these ETF’s producing double or triple the invested capital in a few short months.

Yes, it was a strange thing when ETF’s and stodgy banking stocks were at the top of the food chain of momentum stocks during that period. But those who respect the wisdom of the markets just “go with the flow.”

If the last few decades have taught traders anything, it is the importance of looking at the big picture and being a proactive trader.

The old buy and hold approach to the markets, when not used in the proper context (ie; "vigilance") is, as many have learned, a recipe for disaster.

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system is designed to keep you in the best momentum stocks when “the surf is up” or in Bearish ETF’s or cash on the sidelines when the stock-surfing conditions are choppy.

Small Trading Accounts, Large Trading Accounts…
It Just Doesn’t Matter…

That’s because I’ll show you how to trade both aspects of the market.

If you are fairly well-to-do, yet want to supercharge your stock market returns, I’ll show you how to target the right momentum stocks with the levels of liquidity required to sneakily accumulate and enter trades quietly without being noticed.

If you are at the opposite end of the spectrum and are starting with little capital (so financially you are just not in a position to make a full-time job out of it but want to build up your trading account FAST) then I’ll show you the type of trading setups to look for.

Remember, whether you are a large investor or small investor, the most important thing I’m going to teach you is how to be selective.

There are a ton of momentum trading opportunities in the markets on any given day, but, depending on the trading calendar and the current condition of the broad market, the right times for placing a trade and putting it on autopilot may or may not be there.

Either way, you’ll know once you enter the training.

Listen, this style of trading was designed to give you back your life.

If trading for you has become a job and you’d like to be released from the shackles (yet you want to create superior returns in the markets), then there is no better system for getting you there.

On the front end of a trade, you might spend a little more time monitoring your watch lists for buy triggers. But once the right stock triggers a trade, ongoing monitoring of the trade will be minimal.

Every few days you just need to take a quick peek to make sure the trade is following the rules. But you will never need to be obsessed to watch every zig and zag... it’s just not necessary when you follow the system.

“I Have Had More Success Understanding And Applying His Principles Than With Any Other Course Or Book I've Ever Purchased.”

... I'm an old trader and have learned over the years to be one of the privileged who makes money, and I can unequivocally state that Paul Lemal knows how to teach the best thing in all of trading stocks, for quick, positive returns.

Juan Gozon - Caracas, Venezuela

Consider This Your Secret Weapon... Like Having Night Vision That Can Spot The Top Stock
Prospects No One Else Can See...
Without A
Ton Of Brain-Numbing Research!

Here are some more “Rogue Wave stock-surfing” trades generated by our system:

And these gains are just on the stocks… NOT the options!

In fact, let’s look at a recent monster option trade our system found…

Unsure About A Stock? Here’s How You Can Dampen Risk And Still Get Huge
Returns Using Options

Unsure about the quality of a setup? This was the case with SFLY: Shutterfly in early 2018 which, despite the presence of the TY-3 Cycle, the stock’s price trend had multiple head fakes over the prior few years.

To drive down risk and not pass on a potentially good trade, you can purchase way out of the money call options pre-news release (earnings in this case) very cheaply. About thirty cents per contract (or about $150) to control five contracts, or 500 shares (red circles below).

SFLY rocketed on an excellent earnings report and in just two days, the thirty-cent contracts were worth nearly $14, for a gain of 4,500%.

And guess what…

This Happened With The DJ-30 Down
665 Points On The Day!

This is the power of sidestepping broad market weakness by being highly selective using stock cycle analysis. In this case, it was a momentum signature from eight years back that telegraphed the potential of this trade.

It’s A Millionaire Maker!

Losing the “big-picture” is often what happens when traders get bogged down in information overload.

If your purpose in stock trading is making money on the best potential stocks in the market, then why would you waste your time on so-so trading setups?

I’d much rather be in cash, waiting for the best setups to come along - and you usually don’t have to wait very long if you know what to look for. Take this trade for example…

In January of 2009, KIRK (Kirkland’s Home Furnishing Stores), flashed a buy signal on one of my favorite patterns: the “Millionaire Maker Pattern”.

This is a “cup and handle on steroids” pattern that has a history of telegraphing huge breakouts.

As you can see, it did exactly that, with the price on KIRK vaulting 555% over the next six months.

Some of our biggest-moving stocks consistently come from this setup, one that is designed around the concept of “time and price.”

How quickly could you grow your trading account once you possess the savvy of knowing how to find these types of stocks?

And how much more FREEDOM will you have when you put aside all the time consuming, frustrating, mind-bending "work" it once took to find monster trades like this... and start living the Big Kahuna Lifestyle?

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system will empower you to...

Cut Thousands Of Hours and Costly Mistakes
Off Your Learning Curve While Finding The
Stock Market’s 
Biggest Winners With
Laser-Like Precision!

Truth be told, there’s an enormous amount of information out there on the “best” trading and investing systems. And frankly, it would take years to get through just a small portion of it.

I know, because I’ve been there, done that.

Well, thankfully, you don’t need to. You don’t have to spend thousands of hours reading boring technical books filled with trading theory that has no chance of working in the real world.

You don’t have to learn complicated “fundamental analysis” that -- even when used by the best value investors in the world -- may only produce a measly 15% or 20% a year.

And you can forget about traditional “technical analysis” where every zig and zag of a stock must be “interpreted” correctly... with you glued to your computer all day long... just to make small, meaningless gains.

This is usually in conjunction with trade allocation strategies so diluted due to the excessive volatility associated with short-term trading that, even if you managed to latch on to a big mover, it would have little real impact on your trading account.

Imagine instead knowing how to tell when a stock is about to make a huge move... Being able to spot the telltale signs that a "super-stock" flashes right before its price rockets skyward.

We call these stock signals (or “tells”) "Momentum Signatures"...

And after more than a decade of exhaustive study of the stock market’s biggest winners, I’m able to distill all of this information down for you with simple stock selection and trading criteria.

"After a Couple of Hours With The Material It Seems Almost Like A Light Bulb Went On And I Said To Myself, 'Duh! How Did I Not See This Before?!"

Thank you for the tremendous, groundbreaking information you have provided via the Banzai Elite Wavetrader course. I have been trading, with mixed success for about 15 years. In that time I have subscribed to countless newsletters, purchased dozens of books and attended live seminars and training courses.

Upon receiving the course material I was immediately taken by the depth and precision of your analysis. However, the material was non-technical and even a novice investor would feel just as at home with your course as a seasoned veteran. This last point is important, as too many investment and trading methodologies are highly technical. After a couple of hours with the material it seems almost like a light bulb went on and I said to myself, "duh, how did I not see this before?

The impact that Banzai Elite Wavetrader system has made on my investing and trading is phenomenal and I would like to personally thank you for sharing this important information with individual investors. I wish you continued success.

Mark B. Moline - Park Ridge, Illinois

“I made 172% in PRW. Somehow I think that is going to pay for the Banzai Elite Wavetrader course.”

John Wahl

Listen, we are not here to reinvent the markets.

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system is all about identifying powerful stock waves, and entering the trade at the right point based on the analysis skills you'll acquire.

If a trade doesn’t perform as expected right off the bat, we move on to the next one.

You'll gain a huge advantage being able to gather the information you need quickly and move on to the right trade without having capital tied up where it's not making you money.

No more holding on to a trade that just doesn’t make sense...

No more hoping and praying that the stock will come through for you...

Just simple rules for trading the market’s top power stocks!

CLICK HERE to Become a Banzai Elite Wavetrader at Special Charter Member Rate Today!

Get inside and you’ll quickly see how powerful -- yet simple -- the system really is.

You'll love having the skills to keep your money working hard for you in productive trades when the “surf” is up... and safe on the sidelines in CASH... or trading inverse ETF’s... or shorting when the waves are not so friendly.

The trade allocation strategies you'll master will minimize the risk of trading momentum stocks, while at the same time taking advantage of the many opportunities that occur on a regular basis with the “friskier” momentum trades.

These are the same portfolio allocation strategies used by some of the world’s top traders at the beginning of their investing careers.

If you're anything like me when I started out, you're constantly looking for that "one" secret strategy to rocket you to financial stardom.

Well, I had to learn the hard way (through a lot of expensive trial and error), there is no “Holy Grail Strategy” for every market.

The discipline necessary for creating massive success in the markets only comes through taking a patient and methodical approach to stock selection and trading.

"Absolutely amazing work you have done!..."

...and that you would share it for any reason speaks to the goodness of your soul - I am very carefully reading and rereading the instruction manuals and the many examples. Brilliant!

Greg Galloway - Cupertino, CA

"Your Course Paid For Itself Within a Week"

The Banzai Elite Wavetrader Course, along with some advice from the brilliant author, paid for itself within a week.

A. Waldman - Annandale, New Jersey

As you've seen, The Banzai Elite Wavetrader system has a proven track record of targeting many of the market’s top power stocks through extended trading cycles, so you "trade less", and "live life more!"

And THAT'S what Big Kahuna Trading is really all about; Living the life YOU want!

Our goal for you with this training is to help you become an expert trader. The breadth and depth of the knowledge you'll receive, along with the confidence you'll gain in our program, will be unlike anything you've experienced before.

We haven’t done our job if we can’t get you to look at the stock market in a whole new way.

The excitement you’ll experience on your first Big Trade will be all you need to convince yourself of the power of the Banzai Elite Wavetrader system.

If you're ready to let this “outside the box” form of stock trading help you create financial and personal independence (and maybe even change the world if you so desire) then come join us...

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