Paul Lemal-Bio

About Paul Lemal

Paul Lemal is a stock trader, author, trading system developer, social entrepreneur, and founder and head trader of The Big Kahuna Trading Club, an online trading forum where traders from around the world meet and exchange ideas for surfing the next big stock market wave.

He is also the creator of C.A.T. Lines (Cycle Adaptive Trend lines), AKA as 'Lemal Lines,' which offers traders a breakthrough in price trend analysis. He has authored several books, including The Surfer’s Guide to Stock Investing, Catch A Wave, and Trade Like A Banzai Master, and has developed the TSS Cycle Trader System for stocks, Forex, and futures trading.

He began his decades-long research into stock trading in a quest to create the ultimate stock trading system after experiencing huge dissatisfaction with the training available in the market at the time.

In addition, he is a former director of The American Integrated Healthcare Association and a strong proponent of alternative medicine.

A Little Backgound.....

I won't bore you for too long with details about myself, but if you’re wondering how I got into this field, let me give you a brief introduction.

My background is in real estate investment in Atlanta, GA in the 1980s & 90s and before that I was a residential contractor. 

In my 20s, I developed some serious health issues, and after finding no relief through conventional medicine, I turned to alternative therapies.  After several months, I regained my health and became a strong advocate of naturopathic therapies.  

In fact, I was also the founder and director of a healthcare association in Atlanta, GA called The American Integrated Healthcare Association in the early 1990’s. One of my duties there was to promote the organization, and my editorials on alternative medicine and healthcare reform were published in Time and Newsweek magazines, and were even evaluated by two presidential campaign committees.

Having literally turned my health around 180 degrees and being eternally grateful, I became a very strong advocate of alternative and naturopathic therapies. 

While AIHA was an association of doctors and alternative practitioners, it was rather short-lived due to resistance from mainstream doctors to associate with alternative practitioners at that time.  However, thirty years later, thankfully, we are starting to see more and more cooperation, as the dinosaurs in the medical community are slowly dying off.  But I digress…

Ok, you're probably wondering what all of this has to do with stock trading. 

I’ll get to that in a minute.  After dealing with my health issues and during a period of soul-searching about my life’s purpose, I got very involved for several years with various spiritual organizations and eventually came to the realization that I had a higher purpose to my life (a long story that I may share in some future writings). 

After living the ascetic life for several years, I began to yearn for a change.  I decided that what I really wanted to do with my life was to become a philanthropist on a BIG level. I wanted to support a lot of organizations financially, and having been an entrepreneur who had spent several years in self-exploration, I needed to catch up financially if I was ever going to be a philanthropist.

So, I began to look at the road forward for achieving my goal and remembered that during my real estate days, I spent a lot of time in my local Home Depot store, which was one of their first stores. I used to see a poster in the front that promoted their stock, and I thought to myself,  'Hmmm, maybe I should buy some stock.' But that’s as far as I went with it, as I headed back to the rental property with the toilet plunger in hand.

Little did I know at the time that had I invested $10,000 in that stock instead of into the rooming house we had just bought I would have controlled 40,000 shares and turned it into $16 Million over time, without any tenants and clogged toilets. 

This realization was an eye-opener for me.  Although I still think real estate investing is a great idea (and I continue to do it myself), I learned that there are quicker ways to reach financial goals as a trader.  This inspired my decades-long involvement with trading and developing trading systems.

As I continue on my journey towards philanthropy, I would love to take some of you along with me and help you achieve your own goals. In fact, I would love to hear about your  dreams. 

If you take the time to share why you want to change your own financial destiny, I would  enjoy reading them. I have developed many lifelong friendships with people I have met through trading.