We’re Not Like The Other Kids…

You may have noticed we’re a little bit… well.. “different.”

Big Kahuna Trading is all about simplicity. No lofty theories that work only in hindsight… no complicated technical indicators… no high-stress day trading.  Just “PROVEN MATH” based on (newly discovered) cycle patterns that have been present in the stock market since the beginning of time. These patterns appear prior to some of the most explosive breakout stocks in history.

Our mission from the beginning has always been to make the stock market game easy to understand and quick to master, with courses to help you start making your money work FOR you more consistently by giving you tools to quickly analyze the potential of any stock… without all the long, tedious hours of conventional analysis.

Turning down the noise and “seeing the big picure (quickly) is critical to success. So unlike other systems that rely on overused lagging indicators, we give you powerful new strategies for exploiting never before revealed stock market “super-cycles”.

And better stock selection is only the beginning. We’ll also teach you how to execute trades more effectively by arming you with powerful new strategies for (conservatively) entering trades… calmly managing your trades… and exiting these trades with precision timing for MAXIMUM PROFITS! 

You Are a Valued Member of Our Community

Our goal is to make your trading more enjoyable, from the very first time you visit our website, to when you download our FREE Reports and joining our facebook group, all the way to hopefully becoming our student and club member.

We don’t want to just sell products, we want to make friends and grow a fun, relaxed community of like-minded Big Kahuna Wave Traders. 

We've Been Where You're Coming From

We’ve been where you are and shared your confusion, wondering who to believe and where to turn for honest answers. We’ve spent tons of money on trading courses by big name “gurus” only to be let down by useless information that doesn’t work in the real world.

That’s really why we created Big Kahuna Trading Club in the first place. We like to talk to, trade alongside, and hang out with “normal, everyday traders” like us. We’re just Average Joes who happen to be fanatical about figuring out what REALLY works (for us) in the stock market, and sharing it with others.

Meet Your Mentors

Sorry to disappoint you, but we don’t have whitened teeth or fake pics of chartered jets or rented lambos. We’re just normal, average Joes with 60+ years combined trading experience to share with you.

Paul Lemal

Banzai Elite Master Wave Trader
Founder, CEO
Big Kahuna Trading Club

I wasn’t always this smart.

Like most people (unfortunately) my success was borne out of personal pain.

When I was in my mid twenties I began experiencing severe, chronic physical fatigue, weight gain, and a whole host of other health issues that I won’t go into here.

Conventional medicine brought me no relief and so, by sheer necessity in order improve my health, I became a student of alternative healing, the human potential movement and a fan of Tony Robbins, the personal success guru.

What intrigued me about Tony the most was his concept of “Success Leaves Clues” and how “modeling” successful people can help you literally shortcut your way to achieving your goals and dreams.

So I applied this philosophy to the study of health and discovered TONS of information I had never heard before, including little-known secrets to acquiring and maintaining extraordinary, glowing health.

I found like-minded doctors who understood an integrated approach to achieving peak physical health, and within 6 months I was back to my old self. I eventually formed the American Integrated Healthcare Association and my editorials on alternative medicine have been published in Time and Newsweek Magazine.

I then applied the principle of “success leaves clues” to studying the stock market. I combed through every book I could find on stock trading (this was pre-Google) in an effort to discover something different, unique and totally outside the box.

I struck pay dirt in an eclectic book on Stock Momentum, which described the concept of when a stock “changes character.” The gist of the message was that when a stock is plodding along in a consistent and normal fashion, then all of a sudden has a dramatic change of character; it is time to pay attention!

This concise and simple idea laid the foundation for a form of stock trading I have gone on to develop over the last two decades… with stunning results.

I’ve authored several books on my trading system including The Surfer’s Guide to Stock Investing and Catch A Wave.

After well over a decade of intensive research, reverse engineering the market’s all-time biggest winners, I created the TSS Cycle Trading System for Stocks, Forex and Futures Trading, and Cycle Adaptive Trendlines (“CAT-Lines”), which offers traders a breakthrough in price trend analysis by pointing a laser beam at the next stocks primed for explosive action.

But now, The Big Kahuna Trading Club I is where my heart is. I founded the club to give fellow traders a place to meet, learn, grow and exchange ideas for spotting and surfing the stock market’s next big wave.

And I believe you’ll discover more than just “hacking the stock market” in our club, you’ll learn how we hack our “Dream Lifestyles” using the concept of “success leaves clues” as well.  

Let me leave you with one final thought: Within the Hawaiian Tradition of “Huna”, the fundamental philosophy which governs all life, lies another principle called “Kala”, which states:  “There Are No Limits, Everything Is Possible”.  

I hope that we can help you to experience Kala, or “No Limits” in your life through the principles of trading we teach in The Big Kahuna Trading Club.  I’m honored you choose to join us! 


Daryl Thompson

Banzai Elite Master Wave Trader
Big Kahuna Trading Club

My name is Daryl… and I’m an addict.

It’s true. I’m addicted to the stock market. Actually, I’m addicted to the money that can be made from the stock market. Not for the money itself of course – that’s just a way of keeping score in the game.

And it is all a game, really, Like poker, or chess. A very fun, very lucrative game.

It all began in April 1988, when I began working for a reclusive billionaire investment counselor. When I discovered the billionaire made his billions simply by creating a consistent annual return of 14% – 16% for his investors, I was hooked. I knew I could do that, and much more. I immediately knew what I wanted to do the rest of my life.

Through intense self-study (poring through mountains of investing and trading books), I stumbled on a system using a formula that finally “made sense” to me. Using the system, I immediately created an average 80% annual return during most of the 1990’s.

A handful of huge trades helped greatly in achieving those results. For example, I found Cisco Systems at the “pivot point of the decade” – October of 1990. Although I didn’t ride CSCO all the way to its eventual 75,000% 10-year run, I was quite happy with the returns.

I was also extremely fond of two 10-baggers (over 1,000% return in one year) I found via my analysis – NBTY – Nature’s Bounty and TASR – Taser. That single TASR trade paid for my villa on the beautiful island of Contadora in Panama.

Are you beginning to see why I love this game so much?

Anyway, after almost 15 years with the billionaire, I decided it was time to strike out on my own.

My first venture was a partnership with one of the world’s leading experts in the esoteric art of reading, interpreting and trading with Japanese Candlesticks. Using the knowledge obtained through an intense mentorship with that expert, combined with my previous system for extracting unusually large profits from the market, I created and refined a hybrid system that uses the “best of the best” features of each individual system.

The results have been truly astounding. Now triple digit returns are not all that uncommon, and I recently discovered a 5-bagger in just five days. I seem to be adept at finding DDPGs – Double Digit Percentage Gainers in one day. Back in 2006, I found over 221 of them – about one a day on average.  Just recently I found a promising stock trading at five bucks and change. One week later, it hit $102.

So again, it’s probably easy to see why I’m so “hooked” on this game, isn’t it?

Now, of course I have to say that I cannot guarantee you’ll do as well as I have, or that you’ll make any money at all. Trading is risky business, but you know that already.

What I can promise is, if you’re open minded and willing to listen, I’ll share everything I’ve learned over the years and do anything I can to help you become a better trader.

I am very excited to be part of the relaunch of this website with the CEO and fellow member of Big Kahuna Trading Club, Paul Lemal. Working together as the “Tag Team of Trading”, Paul and I are combining our unique trading talents to create an environment to breed the most talented, profit-producing traders and investors in the world.

So hang on… The “Stock Surf” is up… and it’s going to be one heck of a ride!


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